What we do

banner Infinite Points Philippines is an innovative venture IT company. We provide total web solutions such as website development, e-commerce management and IT consulting services for small/medium to large-sized enterprises and for individuals in Japan, mainly focused on educational, medical, cosmetic, and food industries. We help customers achieve an online solution that fully integrates with their offline activities by understanding their needs and the business model, and tailoring the online solution to fit into the big picture of their overall operations. We are on the lookout for highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals, who would be able to be responsible for assessing market opportunities, evaluate the business to realize its full potential.

Every project is handled by Directors and Top Engineers in Japan to maintain MADE IN JAPAN quality; High quality with advanced technology. We will fully support our staff by providing high education and training methods and the up-to-date IT trends born in Japan. Our Slogan is "What you need is what you want".

Our services

banner We make not only a web systems, but any applications, core systems for a company such as ERPs, CRMs.

System Division

banner Unique web design for all. We not only design, but produce what ever creative supplies any company will need.

Creative Division

banner What you need is ready. We have many packages and services ready made for most companies needs.

Contents Division

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